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"There is no question that the things we think have a tremendous effect on our bodies.
If we change our thinking, the body frequently heals itself."
C. Everett Koop, MD,
Former United States Surgeon General

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To help people to obtain Peace from within to manifest Peace all around to be in harmony with others.

Time Out's Purpose

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Time Out provides clinical counseling services that can facilitate your processes through life transitions.

Since 1984 Carol Treadwell has worked in the social services field. In 1997 Carol became a California Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has provided professional mental health services to adolescents, children, adults, and families.

The use of time out is essential for everyone--adults, youth, and children. When people take time out to allow inner-quieting, they tend to be able to make healthier, more effective choices.

Time out environment creates mental space for effective problem solving to take place without creating further relational conflicts. Time Out allows you to reach the necessary inner quieting to gain clarity and perspective, which in turn allows you to create a vision for manifesting positive change.


Carol Treadwell is a State of California Licensed Clinical Therapist, LCS # 18595, which is governed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. As a state licensed clinician, Carol is required to maintain 36 hours of continuing education every 2 years in order for her license to be renewed. In addition, Carol attends other types of educational training courses to further broaden her professional skills in tangent areas.

Here is Carol's RESUME and another file containing her CONTINUING EDUCATION.

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Time Out --for time within -- clinical counseling services provides a safe, quiet, and aromatic environment away from home and away from any workplace where you may focus your attention on a specific goal, vision, or need without interruption from daily life routines or responsibilities. It is a refreshing, mini-vacation "away from it all" without the associated costs of going away on an actual vacation.

Counseling services are provided within the framework of progressive physical relaxation, guided imagery, visualization exercises and venues to attain answers through inner wisdom. Services are offered for individual adults and couples. The use of physical breath relaxation exercises eliminates or substantially reduces physical body tension. Other exercises quiet and focus the mind to tap into wisdom within. These exercises are used to effectively manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Also weight management, smoking cessation, and many other life transition conflicts can be resolved.

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